Sennac International

Sennac’s mission:

Realise modern Business Transformation Solutions in Social, Media, Analytics and Cloud by:
Improving IT operations at our customers, Decreasing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & Realising high(est) Customer Satisfaction.

Sennac Strategy:

From information to Innovation by using IT budget-cuts to improve the business by going to modern technology & realise with European Management very Cost effective and efficient operations: Transfer of IT department to a Joint Venture, Offshoring System- & Database Support & part of the Application Support in the Technology Stack & Automate the entire Test-environment, based on solid calculations with client’s involvement.

Unique buying reasons:

Contracts that are averse of large formal hierarchic structures with many kinds of authorisation, Our PoC in the form of Talent on Demand: Re-architecting the Technology Stack, Behaviour Testing when required, where scrum sprints will last less than 2 days, to support rapid change to market(s). From Asset heavy to Asset Light, and from Organisation Complex to Organisation Modest or Simple.